Punjab Land Records Authority

The Board of Revenue West Pakistan was constituted by Ordinances of 1955/1956 which were replaced by the West Pakistan Board of Revenue Act 1957. On dissolution of the Province of West Pakistan in 1970, it was designated as Board of Revenue Punjab.

The Board of Revenue (Punjab) was established long ago and has decades-old history which is detailed under:

1. After annexation of Punjab with British India in March 1849, the Board of Administration was established for the governance of the province. In February 1853, the Board was succeeded by the office of Chief Commissioner, Punjab.

2. In 1959, the Chief Commissioner was succeeded by Lieutenant Governor Punjab who was succeeded by Governor Punjab in 1919.

3. Lt. Governor and the Governor were assisted by a Judicial Commissioner and a Financial Commissioner.

4. The Financial Commissioner Punjab was responsible for assessment and collection of land revenue and maintenance of records of rights in land he was assisted by Settlement Commissioner, Divisional Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners/District Collectors.

5. Office of Financial Commissioner was abolished in 1955 and succeeded by the Board of Revenue, West Pakistan (now Punjab).