Punjab Land Records Authority

Operations & Coordinations Wing

The role of Operations & Coordinations Wing is to;

(i) Implement the right processes and practices across the ARCs/QARCs and MARCs.

(ii) Develop and monitor policies related to ARC’s operations.

(iii) Evaluate the ARC staff for their performance. Oversee the implementation of all systems, revenue procedures and policies under Land Revenue Act 1967 & Rules made there under.

The specific duties include formulation of strategies to improve performance, securing compliance and increasing the quality of customer service.

Key Responsibilities & Duties

 To maintain constant communication with the staff of ARCs/QARCs and MARCs to ensure proper operations at the PLRA Arazi Record Centers.
 To ensure timely service delivery (Fard, Mutation, and Status Quo).
 To develop, implement and maintain Service Delivery SOPs.
 To ensure the efficiency of existing processes and procedures to enhance the operational capacity of PLRA within the legal framework.
 To track staffing requirements for assistance to HR Department with regard to hiring new employees as per need.
 To conduct probes & inquiries marked as such by the Authorities.
 Coordination/liaison with the District Administration.
 Fixation of Khewat Mutations Issues.
 To manage data collection for the updation of metrics to achieve productivity targets and to eliminate errors.
 Partener with cross-functional teams to improve service delivery.
 To maintain liaison/work closely with HR department to ensure HR compliance
 To oversee inventory.