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 Process of E-Registration - ای رجسڑیشن کا طریقہ کار

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Registration of deeds is one of two key services provided by Board of Revenue, Punjab to general public. The process of deed registration, not only ensures protection of critical property/land rights of individuals but also serves as one of the largest sources of revenue for provincial Government. In order to improve quality of service and to safeguard government interested, BOR Punjab has introduced two major intervention in the form of eStamp system and computerized Registration of Deed (ROD). However, due to an exponential increase in volume of services, during the last couple of decades, and different operational challenges, need for further improvements has been felt strongly.

e-Registration Process:

Keeping in view the challenges in existing system, BOR Punjab has decided to introduce an electronic system of automated deed registration. The objective of proposed system of e-registration is to overcome the shortcomings of existing process and further facilitate the general public through automation, better record keeping and in terms of time saving.

Key features of new Electronic Registration System (e-Registration):

1. E-Stamp Challan Creation
2. Fees Payment
3. Security Paper Issuance
4. Accessing the e-Registration portal & creation of Login
5. Initiating Deed Registration Process
6. Verification of paid challans of Fees (FBR, Mutation fee etc.)
7. Entry of Particulars of Parties
8. Forwarding deed registration request to Sub-Registrar
9. Sub-Registrar recording the statements of the parties & witnesses
10. Automatically assigning of Bahi number & Document number
11. Printing and Issuance to citizen/customer